Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lost Highway (still)

Archival Digital Print. 19" x 28," 2010.

Lost Highway

Dark Cowboy 2010 from George Terry on Vimeo.

Digital Video, 2010.

This is the second part of a new body of work involving a character I call the Dark Cowboy. The Dark Cowboy may be the devil, or is at least a close associate.

Dark Cowboy Triptych (stills)

3 Archival Digital Prints. 19" x 28" each, 2010.

Dark Cowboy

Digital Video, 2010.

The Cloud In My Mind

Digital Video, 2009.

This is a second iteration of the original video performance "13 Minute Surprise." This piece incorporates two- channel audio.

13 Minute Surprise

"13 Minute Surprise," was a video installation combining a performance on video, a TV, a VCR, and a mechanical video disruption device, which physically affected the video signal. The wires in front of the tv screen actually conduct the video signal. When the wires touch, the video is clear, when they do not touch, there is noise and distortion.

Home's Pun (I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home)

Home's Pun from George Terry on Vimeo.

Video Installation. TV, VCR, VHS tape loop, wood, and steel.

Feeling homesick, I mailed my father my video camera, and asked him to record himself playing the guitar and singing one of his favorite songs: "I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home." I took the footage he mailed back to me and literally pulled the VHS tape out of the tape and made a physical loop out of it. The spinning wheel I cobbled together out of scrap, and think of it as an icon of the bygone appalachian culture that I grew up at the foot of. When the spinning wheel spins my father sings. It takes great concentration and finesse to see/hear him clearly through the distortions that occur while turning the spinning wheel.

Loving Me

Excerpt from 8 min. video performance, 2007.

Elvis sings his perfect sentimental love song: "Loving You," over and over, while I methodically and sensually rub vaseline onto a portion of my skin, and then proceed to apply bright colored feathers to myself. I cry out like a bird as I flap my arms. This is both bizarre and comical, and for a moment I was not George.... I was something else...

Pendulum (one goes blind while the other sees)

Pendulum (one goes blind while the other sees) from George Terry on Vimeo.

The piece consists of 3 parts: (1) a television attached to a 30' pendulum, (2) a feed back loop between two security cameras [which face into each others lenses] and the tv (3) a two- channel video switch that changes the image on the tv screen from camera 1 to camera 2.
The pendulum is dependent upon the outside force of a viewer's push to set it in motion. When the pendulum swings to the left the tv displays the image from camera 1, when the pendulum swings to the right the tv displays the image from camera 2. As the pendulum gets closer to center the image breaks down into noise. The pendulum is destined to be pulled by gravity back to center again, and vision is blurred.

Self-Portrait as an Aural X-Mas Tree

Self-Portrait as an Aural X-mas Tree from George Terry on Vimeo.

Video Documentation of Robotic Sound Piece, 2007.


Archival Digital Print, 28" x 66" (artist's height), 2005.

Stretch from George Terry on Vimeo.

Using my home printer I scanned my entire body, and made digital prints that measured to my own height and width. I sliced the prints into 1" pieces and connected them with latex so that the image could be stretched. The machine stretches the image of my body, and then it snaps back together again.

The All-American Sailor Loves His Mother

Fiber glass, Styrene foam, plaster, MDF, epoxy, flocking, copper, sawdust, paint.
5' x 8' x 2'. 2005.

The piece is a temple to women in my life. Thematically it combines imagery and symbology from Moby Dick, the american dream, sailor tatoos, and the female reproductive system.

Detail of the white Whale.

Detail of the compass, and baseball diamond oasis.

Land Ho!

Plaster, fabric, faux pearls, flocking, steel, wood. 2007.
2' x 7' x 3'



Vinyl records shaped with a blowtorch. 2004.